cooking system of Mogul Plant
cooking system of Mogul Plant
US $200000
Min. Order
1 set

Item specifics

stainless steel

Product review


It is the Kitchen system of Mogul Plant

The full system consists on following system:

1. material preparation

The full system including the gelatin melting, pectin melting tank and sugar dissolving tanks and mixing tank, with one control group.  D&R also offer the auto-weighing and dissolving system for instead the manual work, and give whole automation system.

2. cooking system

We are using the coil cooking system for the gelatin sugar slurry, the full system including coil cooker, vacuum chamber, vacuum system, and buffer tank, above tanks with one control group.  With automatic steam control valve, and automatic temperature controller, with pid system, with uncooked material recycle system and so on.

3.CFA system

After cooked the material, should send the material to the CFA tank.  For adding the color, flavor, acid manually.  This set consists two tanks, upper tank for mixing, and down tank for putting and boiloff.  D&R also offer the auto CFA system as the requirement of cusotmers.

starch mogul kitchen systemstarch mogul kitchen systemstarch mogul kitchen system